Registration for the Spring Season is now underway!


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Here are some of the details for the upcoming season:


  • As mentioned- we will have a concession stand opt out option at $50.00 for those divisions that work that concession stand. Those divisions would include A, AA, AAA, & Majors. You will elect this option during your online registration.
  • Mandatory Skill Assessments will take place in the middle of January.  (AA Divisions through Seniors Division.) 
  • Practices will begin the second week of February.
  • Opening Day Saturday March 7th
  • Games will begin the first week of March.
  •  Teams will have 1-2 practices each week, along with 1-2 games each week as the season begins.
  • We will accept players for our 4 year old Tball division to our Seniors baseball and softball divisions. (Ages 15-16).
  • We will also offer a Big League baseball program for 17 and 18 year olds.
  • The little league age cutoff date for baseball is 4/30/2015.  The cutoff date for softball is 12/31/2014.  These dates determine your child's little league age.
  • Please check website for additional details.

Managers/Coaches - Please indicate that you want to volunteer when registering your child and e mail Player Agent Ken Oneill There will be an interview selection process for AAA and older. There will also be a interview selection process for our Majors Softball Managers.  


4 year old Tball - Any child who will turn 4 years old by 4/30/2015 is eligible to play Tball this Spring. 


Challenger Division - We will also have our Challenger division for physically and/ or mentally challenged players.


Umpires - We are always looking for people who would like to umpire.  (Including Junior umpires.)  If interested, please contact Dave Head at 


Registrations will be processed in 3 different phases.  VSLL will again be offering an early registration discount for the month of November.  Regular registration will take place in December and the VSLL Board has decided after 10 years to  raise fees in an effort to achieve earlier registrations and to keep pace with inflation.  Registration officially closes on December 31st. 2014.  VSLL will offer a late registration for the first 2 weeks of January.  A late registration fee will apply at that time. 


Player's Fees for the Spring Season are as follows:


November 1st through November 30th.
 1 child- $105
2 children - $190 
3 or more children - $250 
Challenger Division - Fees are waived.


December 1st through December 31st:

1 child- $125
2 children - $230 
3 or more children - $310 
Challenger Division - Fees are waived.


January 1st through January 15th:

1 child- $150
*Any sibling discount will need to be approved. 
Challenger Division - Fees are waived.



All refunds will be subject to a $20 processing fee.  Additional withholdings may be necessary for late refund requests if uniform costs have been incurred.


If your child is league age 6-10, and you wish to participate in our one of our Minors divisions, please read the following carefully.  It is very important to choose the proper division for your child.  For Minors baseball, we will be offering 3 different levels, Minors A, AA and AAA divisions. 


Minors A  - Machine Pitch

Recommended ages are 6-7.  (Age 8 by request.)


Minors AA - Introductory Kid Pitch 

Recommended ages are 8-9.  Experienced 7 year olds can request to play in this division.


Minors AAA - Advanced Kid Pitch 

This will be the level just below the Majors division.  Recommended ages are 9-10.  Experienced 8 year olds can request to play in this division. 


For Minors Softball, there will be 2 options:

Coach Pitch

Recommended ages are 6-7.  (Age 8 by request.)


Kid Pitch

Recommended ages are 8-10.


During registration, you will be asked to choose a division for your child.  This is a request only.  Final placement in Minors will be determined by the number of participants in the division and skill assessments, which are mandatory.  All 6 year olds who wish to play in the Minors, will be placed in Level A, Machine pitch for baseball and the Coach Pitch division for softball.


To register, simply click on the "Register Online" button.


John Glendinning

                    VSLL VICE PRESIDENT